Jacques Delors: death of the father of the euro

The Sun (see link below) could not miss illustrating its necrology article of Delors with “The Sun’s classic front page in 1990” (Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd): “At midday tomorrow Sun readers are urged to tell the French fool where to stuff his ECU”

Jacques Delors died at the end of last year. Newspapers’ titles reminded his role in the creation of the euro currency. Here are several examples1:

Delors first envisioned the Euro in a 1989 report now named for him — a revolutionary idea of multiple, independent countries with a single currency — and the continent adopted the currency a decade later after contentious debate. It now spans 20 nations, a majority of EU members, and stands as one of the world’s strongest currencies.

The Architect of the Euro

Perhaps Delors’ most lasting contribution to the EU was the establishment of the euro as the Union’s single currency. The Delors report in 1989 laid out a timeline for the euro, and the currency was officially adopted a decade later. Today, 20 out of the 27 EU countries use the euro, benefiting approximately 350 million people.

The French socialist also headed the so-called Delors Committee which proposed the monetary union to create the Euro, a new single currency to replace individual national currencies.

He was desperate to drag Britain into the European common currency, leading to fiery run-ins with MPs and journalists.

  1. For a selection of French newspapers, see this blog entry. It seems to me that there are more mentions of coins and banknotes in French articles than in English ones. I suppose that it can be explained by a more frequent use of these objects. []

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